Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Official Launch

Today is the day in which our official media release goes out announcing the book, to coincide with the launch of the publication website.

While all of my other writing projects have been meaningful in different ways, this one is especially important, seeing as how it is a way of giving back to the interpreters I've had the pleasure of interacting with over the years. I look forward to compiling and sharing their stories.

In addition, it truly aims to tell the world about the important work that interpreters do. In their own words.

Yesterday, I let a few close colleagues have a verbal or quick email "sneak preview" regarding the project. The positive response so far has been wonderful - a few colleagues even asked if they could go ahead and submit stories. Already today, several association leaders and individuals from various countries have responded with kind emails and an interest in helping to spread the word.

Another individual offered to share fliers at two important conferences coming up in September, and I will be taking her up on the offer.

And, I received a suggestion regarding a wonderful speaker who recently gave a moving tribute to interpreters at another conference. She has tentatively agreed to write a forward for the book. I could also hear her "light up" when we spoke. I'm very excited that she's interested in participating.

I also was fortunate to receive a quote today from a friend that will be just perfect for the introduction of the book. I won't reveal it just yet, but it talks about the importance of stories in our lives. Perfect for this project.

The news release won't go out for another hour or so, and there are plenty of emails to send out to friends and colleagues to share the basic information on the project. Thanks to everyone so far for all of your support for this project! I look forward to sharing more updates here periodically.


Silvia said...

Nataly, I am so excited about this project! Thank you so much for doing this! I am submitting a story today - I expect you will be getting lots!

Maria said...

Hola Natalia, so glad to read your announcement today and discover the project. I hope to send a submission to you. Best of luck and thanks.

Diane said...

What a fantastic idea! I'm pleased to see the attention, including the travel mag. I suspect (and hope) you'll have trouble narrowing it down to 50 tales. Thanks for your many contributions to the field.

Diane Grosklaus Whitty

Nataly said...

Silvia, Maria and Diane - thanks very much for your comments! I too believe it will be hard to narrow it down to 50. The good thing is, if we get more than 50, we can always do follow-up volumes! Thanks again for your comments, and feel free to contact me anytime with questions or ideas.