Friday, September 14, 2007

Chamando todos os intérpretes

Special thanks to Paula Góes for spreading the word to Portuguese interpreters through the Liga da Tradução website (ponto de encontro para tradutores de língua portuguesa - meeting spot for Portuguese language translators).

I also very much appreciate the Portuguese translation provided by Paula. To read the notice in Portuguese, click here.


paulissima said...

Hi, Nataly!

Thank you very much for commenting on our blog! I think your idea is wonderful - I have never done interpretation myself (no talent) and think they are real heroes!

All the best

PS: My name is spelt with the *u*, :)

Nataly said...

Thanks, Paula! I have fixed the name - my apologies to you! I have had one too many friends named Paola. :)

I agree that interpreters are real heroes, and thanks for reinforcing that! Keep up the great work on your own blog, too!