Friday, September 7, 2007

Mail Call!

What a fun and inspiring week this has been, with mail coming in from around the world, and a box filled to the brim with hard copy submissions, and even audio submissions, not to mention all of the submissions that keep coming in from the project website, and via email!

I am very excited and wish I could share many of them with readers here, but I will keep them under wraps for now. The amount of wonderful stories never ceases to amaze me. Now that it's September, the submission deadline is just a few months around the corner!

There are many kind comments that have arrived, in addition to, and sometimes along with, the story submissions. I will paste a few here to share:

"I always wanted a book like this, that I could give someone to explain what I do. Now even my friends and family will have a better understanding of how hard and important this job is."

"You hit the nail right on the head! This is a book our field has needed for a long time! I can't wait!"

"Where has this book been, and why didn't anyone think of it sooner? I am telling every interpreter I know to send you their stories."

"The college where I teach has a program by which students have interpreting internships, and they always come back with excellent anecdotes. I wish I had thought to compile them years ago, but now I will be sending them to you."

Keep up the wonderful work, and thanks very much for your interest!

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