Thursday, November 22, 2007


Medical Interpreter, thank you for enabling countless people to access health care services, helping to prevent public health outbreaks and improving the health and wellbeing of individuals so that they can contribute more productively to our society.

Court Interpreter, thank you for helping ensure equal access to justice for all those who are engaging with the legal system in order to help build a society that is fair and just.

Conference Interpreter, thank you for making sure that millions of people can understand the words of our political leaders and subject matter experts, enabling our governments to make decisions with key information, and to raise the levels of knowledge of our society.

Telephone Interpreter, thank you for enabling individuals to access services where they otherwise would have no ability to communicate, from filling a prescription to making a payment arrangement for a bill, you are the linguistic glue holding much of society together.

Community Interpreter, thank you for providing critical support in an array of social and public services settings, helping our native populations, refugees and immigrants alike to better understand each other, strengthening the bonds of our society.

Interpreters Everywhere, thank you for the work you do, as you impact the lives of individuals each day, helping to shape society as a whole.

Thank You.

May individuals across the globe be full of appreciation for the work of interpreters of all kinds, as they continue to help our world go 'round.

And to the American readers, Happy Thanksgiving.

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