Sunday, June 22, 2008

From Our Lips Update

Many of you just received an email update that went out to readers who have either contributed to the From Our Lips project or asked me to keep them apprised of important developments. Just to make sure the word gets out far and wide, I'm including a brief synopsis here too.

In a nutshell, the email update was to make everyone aware that this project is now represented by an agent. While I had originally planned to self-publish the book, many friends and colleagues suggested that the book had great potential mass appeal, and it turns out that this is so.

With little more than word-of-mouth publicity, this blog has been visited by nearly 6,000 visitors (all unique) in countless countries around the world since the project began, and the project website has generated even more impressive traffic.

The book is well on it's way and pushing forward steadily. Projects of this nature always take time, but this one is moving full steam ahead, now with the help of an agent.

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