Friday, August 31, 2007

More Submissions

This has been an extremely busy week for the project!

More submissions seem to arrive each day, and I feel very blessed to be receiving stories from interpreters in so many different fields, not to mention from individuals in so many countries! Interested parties continue to inquire about the project from a host of places.

This week has kept me extremely busy reviewing submissions and corresponding with interested authors. I've also been discussing the possibility of audio submissions, and I know that a couple of contributors will be sending submissions in audio format, for potential inclusion in both the print version of the book, and potentially, an audio version. More details on that at some other time.

In recent travels, I've also been fortunate to spend time with individuals to hear their feedback about the project and their ideas for contributing, both in helping to promote the project and for actual stories.

The amount of support has so far has been truly incredible, and I look forward to discussing ideas with others on future trips. It is always a pleasure to sit down with interpreters and others in the field in person, to capture their stories and discuss the incredible impact that interpreters are having on the world.

Thanks to everyone!

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