Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Translation Ireland

I had previously mentioned and thanked John Kearns for his excellent help in spreading the word about the From Our Lips to Your Ears project.

Now, I wish to thank him for sending me a copy of the excellent journal, Translation Ireland, a special issue called "New Vistas in Translator and Interpreter Training".

The special issue has some wonderful papers related to interpreting, including:

Interpreting with Limited Training: Experiences in the Interpreting of Academic Lectures at the North-West University, South Africa by Johan Blaauw

A Skill-Based Approach to Conference Interpreting by Agnieszka Chmiel

Training Public Service Translators and Interpreters: Difficulties in an Uncharted Field by Mustapha Taibi and Anne Martin

New Challenges for Interpreting Schools by Svetlana Carsten

Translation, Localisation and Interpreting Courses in Ireland by Mary Phelan

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