Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Around the World and Back

The news about the project continues to spread across the globe, and the collaboration and support being received are truly inspiring. We continue to receive hundreds of new hits on the project website each day.

In addition to our earlier posts today with updates from Ireland and Australia, special thanks go out to Ravi Kumar, President of the Indian Translators Association in New Delhi, India, for spreading the word about the project to ITA members.

More and more places have also picked up the news release, including ABC-11 (Raleigh-Durham), another Law firm (specializing in worker's comp), the Oregon Herald, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and AOL Hispanic Business.

Also, I am excited to share that the project has also made its way to Turkey in the July issue of a newsletter that reaches 6,000 Turkish linguists. Special thanks to A. Erol for making this possible, and for taking the time to actually embed images from our project's site. To use the only Turkish I know (aside from the names of dishes and songs): Teşekkür ederim.

Thanks to everyone
for helping to spread the word about our project!

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